Cutting Costs with Hosted Telephony


Rather than sticking with a traditional phone system for daily office communications, a hosted telephony solution saves small businesses some serious cash on their overall IT bills. Below we’ve highlighted the top four ways a hosted system can cut costs for a small business like yours.


1.    No On-site PBX Equipment

Since there’s no on-site phone equipment required to purchase with a hosted telephony system, VoIP-related capital expenditures are virtually eliminated. Furthermore, without the need to monitor, maintain, or upgrade communications equipment, operating expenses are kept to a complete minimum as well.

2.    No Physical Phones Required

With the availability of a mobile app and software-based VoIP technology, hosted telephony solutions allow businesses the option to completely avoid the costs of buying new desk phones. Rather than spending a significant amount of budget on physical hardware, small businesses can let their employees use personal smartphones, a computer or tablet, or any combination of the three for business use.

3.    99.999% Network Uptime

Downtime can be extremely expensive for many companies—whether it’s a missed sale, a dissatisfied customer, or any other catastrophe that might translate to “business lost.” With a cloud-based telephony solution in place, however, companies completely maximize their ability to stay connected to important clients, customers, partners, or colleagues through their phone system before, during, and after any disaster. Even though a hosted telephony system functions over the Internet, the network can still be accessed anywhere an employee has a data connection.

4.    Flat Pricing Structure

Some businesses feel like they get a good deal on a phone system—only to find out they’re charged an outrageous amount on minutes, additional features (that may come standard with other providers), or a lengthy contract. With cloud telephony provided through DOTVOX, companies only pay a fixed monthly fee to keep bills low and transparent. With that budgeting consistency made available, financial planning is simplified for the enterprise.


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